Blemished Boulders

Blemished Boulders. What a beauty! For those who seek adventure try visit the big hill of Euroa and you’ll never regret it. With its easy access, nice views, a whole lot of fun, and challenging routes with just enough height to get a workout, but not too tall so as to make top roping tricky.

While climbing you can hear the gentle whinnying of the horses in the paddocks below, the graceful eagles circling above and the wide, open views give the place a certain atmosphere.

Although there’s not many climbs, and they only go up to grade 21, but there are several routes here deserving of attention if not out and out glee at least with the rope above you.

For beginners the place is taller than you’d expect from a roadside crag. Basically, this is a recommended day trip destination for those people happy to muck about on 15 to 21 grades, with a couple of beginner routes to satisfy newcomers to the sport.