Planning your visit to Euroa will be a breeze, especially if you contact or drop by at the Euroa Visitor Information Centre, conveniently located at 50 Binney Street Euroa.  Busy? Just Phone them at 1800 444 647. or send them an email:

Euroa is home to some 2700 people, located nearby Seven Creeks about 147 km north-east of Melbourne via the Hume Freeway, between Seymour and Benalla. The district has long been famous for its fine-wool production, though its name is most likely more familiar in relation to Australia's well-known bushranger Ned Kelly. Euroa is a favorite place of tourists who seeks adventure, try rock climbing at Euroa’s finest boulders, GO JUMP! Try Skydiving from 8,000 - 14,000 feet the highest Skydive in Melbourne Victoria, explore the beauty of Gooram Falls or relax in the peaceful ambience of Seven Creeks Park.


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The town also has a wide array of accommodation from fancy hotels, simple B&B’s, motels, and caravan parks. Euroa is also noted for its award winning wines and wineries, try visiting one of their famous cellar doors at 54 Longwood/Mansfield Rd, Longwood,Victoria, Australia and sample their fine wines. When it comes to food, Euroa boasts of their finest Pickled Olive Restaurant opens Monday & Tuesday for dinner only, Wednesday to Sunday – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tourists flock in Euroa to visit the Farmers Arms Museum which is located in the old Farmers Arms Hotel On the edge of the park, adjacent Kirkland Ave. It has a strong and well-organised collection of local memorabilia, farm machinery and old buggies. The museum is open from Friday to Monday and on holidays from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. The commercial centre of Euroa stretches along part of Binney Street and Railway Street with lots of shops to eat, drink and get souvenirs from.


Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Growers Association

The Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Oil Association (GSOGA) located in Victoria, Australia  has a boutique range of extra virgin oils including some organic ranges. The association was established on the 9th of May 1999. GSOGA presently has around 80 members involved in growing, processing and marketing table olives, olive oil and olive products. Most GSOGA members usually owns between […]

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